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Its been some time since I created a video, the process is fun and creative, which I enjoy.  So I took the plunge  this week and made one to promote Reporting Accounts, you can see it playing below.  Social Media and Videos are a great way of marketing and promoting any sites, they convey far more than pics or text alone ever can.

We are pleased with the results, it gives a professional presence and also as its published on youtube it brings a little trickle of visitors in its own right.  So good all around.  That is the great thing about online video its easy and fun to create something professional even for the less than techy bods such as myself.

On the social media side I have been working also on a Twitter account for Reporting accounts this can be found here:

Already gotten 1,500 approx followers which is not bad for a few months of work.  A custom design should be live there this week also.

Twitter is a tough nut to crack but for this website is matches well as there are so many company announcements on a daily basis, there is therefore a huge potential target base for the #tags

For Business tweets are a wonderful way of communicating with Business to Business (B2B) users, whilst Facebook is better when it comes to entertainment and Business to Consumer (B2C) type of products or serviers.

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