This page contains some useful notes and links which I hope to promote.  My aim is to develop a useful section that can be developed over a period of time.

The Watch List

I’ve been requested to research the following companies, which I’ve started to do this.. The sources of information are all webbased, I am using information sources such as Companies House in the UK, Google Maps, Google Street View.  Plus I have access to a credit scoring service linked to Experian Ltd the UK company credit data service.  So in total I have around 38 sources of information to draw from, I am building out this functionality to my website.

I like the pretty blonde lady in these pics – gives such a nice impression for front of house!

Watch list

Companies on my watch lists which I am interested to monitor, to study and maybe learn from, so far:-

This appears to be a reputable small business operating in the Nottingham area.

This is also on the watch lists its a small web design outfit based in Surrey.  A customer is asking about them prior to ordering.  More notes to follows.

Another one I am looking at is an Equity Release Outfit based on the City Road in London

Other stuff

This is getting to be a bit of a jumble of pages, but as I have ideas and see references to my collection of websites I am noting them all down here so it is easy for me to find them and come back to them as I need to.

Plus another little one that plugs my Ski site 

and one more about understanding suppliers

Nothing worse than being let down in that way.!

Now we have our own listing on Crunchbase the well known funding / business info site

FRS102 and R&D claims

Been working on an FRS 102 and R&D claim for one of the businesses I am involved with, it is going well and I am looking to a nice contribution to costs from HMRC – the R&D scheme is a really good one and it allows the Government to trumpet how much Research is undertaken in the UK.  I am sure companies are attraced to the UK for that reason.

Some notes about R&D can be seen on that page.

A good OCR / PDF converter

Layout and good features:-

Even a Wix Site now ! Though its flash but Google is now able to understand that which is a changed from back in 2006 onwards.

I also Noticed a Moz page now also ))

Moz is one of the World’s Top respected link information sites.


Some web checking type tools I have found which seem to be helpful, in general I am not in favour of mechanical type checking of things preferring to all myself by hand, but some things like this save time and are interesting

As I find more of this type of useful tool I’ll add it here.


Now a new Video which is already featured in a good number of places, video is such a great way of attracting attention

I see so much potential in the use of videos to promote and communicate messages to my target audience.

Some other Stuff

Notice a few pages appearing around the web featuring our website. Some good ones on this list also