Trust Rank

Trust Rank

It is thought that Google uses the concept of TrustRank in is current algorithm, the basis of which is that the internet is made up of a series of seed sites and the webpages that are closes to these have the highest level of trust, each click further away reduces the strength of the Trust Rankings.  Its an interesting approach and if it is true then developing links from as many of the highest authority sites will increase your own site by the largest factor.

Of course the issue with this is getting the high trust sites to link to you in the first place, plus which ones are they really.

Digging around the web I have found some suggestions, I also have my own ideas about what might be in the Google mind.

Here are some clear ones.


Given this is the most heavily linked of sites it stands to reason it is now considered highly trusted.  Our FB page can be found here.


Another very strong site. Our site can be found on Twitter.


Whilst I develop this page here is a link to one of our blogs, this one is one Jimdo, Spangledangle on Jimdo.