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Forum posting has picked up something of a poor reputation over the last few years, as spammers have overrun sites and abused profile links on an industrial scale.  I am of the opinion however the it remains a great way to promote a site if done carefully and in moderation (excuse the pun!)  Here are a couple of strong forums which I like and post on often.

The UK Business Forum – A great friendly site, with lots of active members asking real questions, knowledge shared and a great resource of benefit to all.

Digital Point an international site – very popular with a lot of discussion about Business and SEO

Small Business Forum – site is aimed at the smaller business / SME community another great friendly place

If you post high quality contributions and the forum itself is reputatable then this should bring real quality visitors to your site.  Such visitors will be focussed to your service or niche and some of that good reputation will then pass to your site at the same time.

You should never join a forum solely with the intention of building links  for their Search Engine benefit.  Any forum most be suitable for your target audience the biggest benefit you’ll get is from members visiting your site having read a targetted post.  It is time consuming posting and you need to enjoy it to write stuff that will appeal to your target audience.

There is some search benefit but only if you find a strong forum to work with, with a good repuation and authority.  If the place is full of spam posts then that poor reputation will also pass along your links through to your website and hence come back to you and so on.

Forums can be both fun and way to boost your own reputation and web credibility.