Social Media


Social Media

I am just starting out with social media so I am uncertain how this will work out, if its for me and more importantly can I get the hang of it and use it properly so I get results, that as always is the $64,000 question! Anyway here goes:-

My friend mark recommends Folkd I’m not sure but I’ll follow his links and see if being listed helps at all, he is not such a great Search Marketeer more a guy who has some experience more than me in this particular area.

and he has a Google Plus which is more than I do ! 

Not sure how important having all these social accounts are but I am sure they have some importance in Google alogorithm

Taya has a Pinterest account almost forgotten but I found it by chance interesting to use that again also )) and an old one of mine

I have used Joomla before so its pleasing to find a page on their Joomla website

You tube vid also

Reddit account slowly developing ))

Since I created this page I have another Reddit which has taken off Check out Reporting Accounts on Reddit, it really has something of a following

This site has surprised me as it has an out of date look and feel but seemingly is still going very strongly.   when better looking and more appealing sites have fallen by the way side that is some doing.  It is strange how people get to like something and stick with it, the fear of change is a strong human trait.  This is helpful in business especially to those who are first to market or early adopters.

A new one on me

I am really interested to see to what extent this sort of use of social media sites has a positive impact on my network, reading forums and the web in general suggests that it is important to have social media and in particular to make regular use of it to promote a message.