A pretty girl always helps!  I so love that women are coded into my DNA to be attractive I always fall for it!  Anyway a pretty girl catches visitors eyes also and is a great way to improve time on page, it sure works for me!..

Good quality links

A few more interesting “stuff” items to add this month

Bloggedery is an idea I am working on, the aim is to replicate the Bloglovin model, albeit on a small scale.  RSS aggregators were popularl pre Panda but now you have to create something that adds value to be able to get it moving at all and not to be caught by that Google filter.

Bermudian Life is doing well also great to see it appearing on page #1 and #2 for a wide range of phrases now.

Follow Hobbies is another small blog which I setup a while ago and don’t have time to work on, it is OK and it is always handy to have a spare url for link building work and the to bounce test ideas around on.

I really want to find the time to expand these sections as I am very aware that having shallow pages doesn’t help at all so as and when I have a few spare moments, I try to beef up pages as best as I can.

Got a few mini sites in our network also – check our Report and Accounts on Strikingly.

Open University – this is a very strong educational site and is one of the Worlds oldest distance learning organisations.  Plus they have linked to us which is very good and most cool of them!

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