Facebook our own page now live

Facebook is a necessity these days for all serious websites, and we are pleased to announce our custom page is now live.  Find Reporting Accounts on Facebook here.  Once we have built up 20 or more followers we’ll go for our own url but for now we have a presence and a start.

What is great about facebook is that 10,000’s of UK companies have their own pages, so there is always an interest in their reporting of accounts.  Which of course is our site name and what we are focussed and indeed all / completely about.

The Facebook about us section of the page has our own URL on which is of course equally great.

I used FB a lot personally but having a business presence here is cool and new for me, so I am looking forward to marketing and developing this channel.

Pretty exciting times, a popular Twitter page and the launch of a FB one all in the space of a few weeks, its a search markeeters dream!


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