FD Capital – highly recommended for FD Recruitment

If you are on the lookout for a new Finance Director, then we can recommend a niche recruitment provider called FD Capital partly as the name suggests they help to source Finance Director in the London area but also in the Midlands, and their speciality is what are known as Portfolio Finance Directors of Portfolio FD’s these are accountants who work for more than one company at the same time, allowing the businesses concerned to keep costs down, and giving variety and interesting challenges to the Finance professionals concerned.

There website is under development at the moment as their work comes from recommendations and word of mouth, but we have been talking with them about how best to revamp their website and to begin to think about marketing it.   The world of online finance is of course very competitive but some of niche areas such as Part Time Finance Directors are by their nature much more narrow phrase wise and therefore far easy to succeed in with Search Marketing.

They are a smaller outfit but work closely with Private Equity Houses and partner with a few recruitment firms in London and the Midlands, so you can always rely on them to find just the right candidate and fast also!

Updating this post in 2021, its amazing how fast FD Capital Recruitment has grown, they now have a near national coverage, which is impressive for a business that was launched in 2018.  They also operate across a wide range of sectors.

Increasingly I am working for more and more of their clients and needing to do less lead origination of my own.  Which is great as they are a really great team.

Having been an FD myself and started out as a Portfolio FD with a single client, I know first hand how challenging it can be to develop and build out a client base.  If you are looking for Portfolio FD work, or more conventional FD roles, interim or permanent I can recommend reaching out to the team as they are really good as a recruitment service.


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