I’ve used Tumblr once before, I remember back in maybe 2008 creating a small network of blogs to support a few of my sites at the time, the problem then was they were not great quality so when Panda and Penguin came along they became classed as spammy and I deleted them.

Their site is good however so I like the idea of going back and revisiting one of my old stomping grounds.  Not sure how this will all work now, but I have a few postings so lets see.

Here are a couple of my Tumblrs

Find Free UK Information

Video Tumblr

Heathers Tumblr

Alijahs Tumblr

Ars Tumblr

Mary Janes Tumblr

Corn Cats Tumblr

I like the crazy names I found, they are a bit of fun, hope my visitors enjoy the content and find the same!   I would like to think that Tumblr’s reputation has been restored after all of thoses years, though it could have been just my little corner of their site which was the issue !


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