How to be a Professional

It sounds like a joke but we learn a lot at school on how to do things, but not how to act or present yourself.  Here are some tips on once qualified as a professional how to appear as one or how to be a professional!.

  1. Wear clothes for the part – that may mean choosing clothes you don’t like but you need to look the part.
  2. Seperate home and work – don’t socialise too much with staff, the boss needs a seperation from the workers.
  3. Keep developing yourself, ongoing professional development, reading your industry literature, keeping up to date or contunuing professional development.


These are all part of the job, as you develop and mature in the role build a network of contacts you can make future use of, weather bank connections, links with lawyers or auditors or even insurance brokers these will all come in handy in the futre.


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