Bermuda or Bermy as locals call it

Bermuda or Bermy

Bermuda or Bermy as the locals call it makes for a great holiday!  But before we start it is will not be a cheap one! No bermuda is amongst the most expensive places in the whole world!  Yep the standard of living is way up there amongst Kuwait, Luxemberg, Norway and all the other places with very very high salaries.  Property prices in Bermuda are amazingly high, a 6 bedroom house albeit it in a very nice location can easily set you back a cool $15million US Dollars, yes that sort of expensive.

Colonial Style

The style in Bermy is very much British Colonial, which should come as no surprise because Bermuda still is a British Colony and proud of it, there have been over the years a number of attempts at gaining independence and the UK Government has made it clear that Bermuda can go Independent if it wishes, but residents have seen the corruption and issues in other former British Colonies and have decided to stay as it is.

The beaches in Bermuda are amongst the best in the World, which means the tourist industry does well and after financial services is the islands second most important industry.

The sand in Bermy is pink, which makes it famous, the colour comes from the coral reefs which surround the island and also protect it somewhat from the high seas.

My corporations have their headquarters in Hamilton the capital and only reasonable sized town, offshore finance is a very significant part of the economy and main re-insurance firms are based here.  There is plenty of work for Accountants, lawyers and other business consultants.

The population of Bermy is only around 65,000 which makes it only the size of a very small English Town, however it boast a large offshore finance industry which is attracted by the very low tax rates.  ZERO income Tax, ZERO VAT and ZERO Corporation tax.  Not surprisingly companies such as Google are based here and can take full advantage of this amazing rate.

Salaries are very high, a qualified Dentist or Accountant can expect to earn US$250,000 per annum and even junior roles such as secretary command USD75,000 or more.

Overall it is a wonderful place to live, but you need to a professional with high earnings capacity to really make the most of the life here.

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I love Bermuda and even if it hard on the wallet, I keep going back.  I love the place, its people, its nature and its history.


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