Evernote – a site for teamsharing

Evernote is a popular note sharing website.  The concept behind it is that teams can work together using their website to share information, which can then be retrieved from any internet location.  There website suggests a long series of helpful uses the site can be put to.  It’s pretty good as an idea and the site has a professional look and feel and good useability.  Suggested uses include:-

  • Connecting Teams – so different people can work together whilst in differing locations.
  • Managing Projects -Tracking progress as each member of the team progresses part of the overall project along
  • Collecting Research – All different types of information can be collected and stored in the same place
  • Advancing Sales Information – Centralizing of team knowledge
  • Organising Documents – A central location for company data
  • Supporting Workflows – Streamling via App usuage.


There are many great cases studies from across the World – One Freitag a Swiss company uses the site to store creative ideas which are not immediately used for products, but nevertheless are good ideas for future potential use.

I went ahead and tried the site.  Here are my trial test posts so far:-

What is Equity Release and how it works

Then another

Get Access to company credit reports


Know more information on equity release

and a more recent one also Best SEO in 2017 interesting reading!

I am waiting to see how these posting appear before I start to use some of their more exciting features.  I do work a lot with a back office team in Eastern Europe so the certainly is potential for this to be useful.  There may be other sites like this around, and there is a £10 monthly fee per user to consider also, that said its only a modest fee for the advantages stated.  I’ll update this as an when I have more results to share.


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