Here is the list of tools I use to help

Ahrefs – this is good I used it a lot – it is frustrating though as it picks up some links fast and others months later, so if you are actively building links it is hard to track the overall.

Moz – Open site explorer – has a great reputation and its concepts of DA, PA and Trust flow are widely used in the SEO community – expensive and slow to update however – another frustrating experience.

Open Link Profiler – Free section is better than others and good overall.  Has a good list of free sites to build links from

Open Link Profiler – Another report this time for London Equity Release it lists all links it finds with a link back to the link so good for indexing if nothing else. – here is an example I built on Xing profile

Here are some weebly posts we created this week also


Also gotten listed on SelfGrowth which is a strong site .






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