This is an interesting area, Yahoo is a hugely strong website with a very strong presence on the web, so that fact that it has a community site is great, as its an opportunity to put your thoughts, contribution or even website in front of a huge potential audience.  This again is the first experience I have of this place, but the idea and appeal of it is very strong to me.

Here is my first post there it will really be interesting to see how this develops and progresses.  I am often put off by some of these sites as there can be a lot of spammers on them.  But I have good memories of the Yahoo Directory..Do any of you remember that?  It was great, not cheap at $299 but you got your money’s worth back in visitors and a nice reputational boost to boot 🙂

Anyway I seem to be remembering so many of the old days tonight, can’t believe all that was 15 years or more ago… So much time has passed and so many nights sleep since…



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