Videos – a great way to market your business

Videos are great fun – we all at sometime have visited Youtube and watched an old music video or even cartoons!.  But youtube and videos in general have a great use they can be a free way to promote your business.  It is free to post a video on youtube and by appearing there you are part of their database for Searches.  It follows therefore that if you can create a video related to your business and topic then you can get a part of this free traffic.

Videos can grab your attention in a way that text alone can not, therfore if done well it can be a winner for your business.  Of course whilst youtube is the dominant player in this niche, there are many other services doing similar things, by distributing your video around (try not to go crazy though!) you can get more exposure and therefore more bang for your buck.

I tried out videos myself see the following short list of places where my video appears:-

Youtube Video





I have used Pinterest for picture sharing on my blog before and a long time ago, maybe 10 years back I used Flickr for sharing holiday snaps, not used the other providers though, it will be interesting to see how this all works and if there are the benefits I note above in reality!



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