Minds is a cool name for a website, I like the expression mind behind the business which is used as a concept for who controls a business when looking at control of UK companies by foreign ones.  So I naturally have enjoyed posting on this website.  Again I only have a single post, which you can see here, but this is a site I feel I will be coming back to again and again to get more value from it each time.

It grows on you as a place to hang out and I hope it will contribute to my overall success also.

This site is probably in my top 10 to post one of all of the 100’s of Web 2.0 types of sites I deal with each week.

The human minds is a very interesting and creative place and I do like meeting new people, seeing new places and finding out more about things, both in virtuality and reality ))

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress with the Minds site.

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