Blogs are a great way to communicate with the World, I am using one at this very minute, but lately I have started to feel that it would be nice to try something other than wordpress, WP is great don’t get me wrong, and I love all the fun plugins available to do just about anything I can think of.  But there are other platforms around, so I have been dipping my toes in the waters this week so as to speak with a few other options.

Weebly is a sort of website / blog platform, so I have been building a few different blogs with them as a bit of an experiment to see how that goes for a change.  It seems to be good if you ask me, only thing at the moment is that the templates available are limited in comparison with WordPress.  Here are a few examples of the progress or not I have been making this week!.

As you can see they are all pretty similar in style, I’ll try in the next weeks to liven these up a bit and vary the look and feel, but its a start, I have yet to see what sort of traction these types of posts get on Weebly, but the advantage is they are a well know, respected and established site, whereas until now I have registered a domain, setup up hosting and blogged from a cold domain name, adding a few links from my own Google +, FB and the odd free place I have found on the web as I go along.

It will be interesting to see if this more platform based approach works any differently, better or worse. I don’t know at the moment, but doing it is the way to find out for sure!


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