Behance specialises in self-promotion

Behance is part of the Adobe network of sites, so it has a great pedigree.  It’s based in New York and is packed full of creative professional, the site had 1 million plus members at the time of sale to Adobe and Adobe’s idea was to integrate the site into its Creative Cloud service.

The concept behind the site is the members can showcase their work and easily create content.

You know what I am going to say next!.  Here is some content I created and seemllessly integerated myself ! Learn More !

The site does appear more like Adobe type of sites that some other sites we use such as Buzzfeed or Rediff for example.  I like Behance though, its strict also with its editorial standards which is a good thing as it keeps all quality up, a level playing field etc.

I try and post on behance at least once per week.  I keep coming back to it so it must be good!

Adobe is a great company and I love their pdf product


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