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CEO Paul Berry said in the press  that when you publish a story, there will be many many Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts that would be suitable to post a link — not because they’re getting paid but because they’re hungry for content, it’s relevant to their followers and/or they want to build a relationship with the publisher. The challenge is finding those accounts.

So Rebel Discovery can use a story’s tags to bring up accounts that are relevant to a given topic and have high organic engagement.

The idea of a semi automated site that helps to push and publish good quality content is a great idea.  We are trying it at the moment with a selection of our content see the following on Rebelmouse

There is a lot of potential in this idea and we are happy to explore it more fully to see if we can leverage it for our own benefit.  It’s great to have partner sites like this to work with, the internet certainly has come a long way in the last 10-15 years!

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