Did you go to Uni?  If so the chances are that your old Uni has a website and an alumni section.  The great news is that can be a place you can use to promote your website.  University websites tend to be strong that is because all their 100,000’s of former students link to them plus tons of schools, government offices and the like the end result being that they have good backlink profiles and good online reputation.

Therefore adding a link from your old Uni is likely to be strong

You may be able to find other similar educational establishment that allow guest posting or the publishing of papers, if you can write something of sufficient quality you maybe able to get some great links that way also ))

Another recent addition can be found here.

I also found a website that specialises in more Academic type of work, that may be out of my depth but I am giving that a punt also.   You never know where the next visitor will come from and the Uni population of the World is pretty big.


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