Videos are proving to me they are a unique and great way to promote content, and in an appealing way that is so hard to achieve using text or text and imaginary together in the more traditional manner.  I can see the real benefits in creating a video channel on youtube, though it is unfortunate that this is only able to be monetised now if there are 1,000s of hours of page views and 10,000’s of views in total, that seems a bit unfair given the amount of time and effort that is needed to create something capable of wide appeal in the first instance.

That said that is no reason not to try and seek other approaches to get attention and build a visitor/watcher base.

The above are our latest video clips, it starting to show some signs of real professionalism, which surprises myself as I am a bit of a bodge it and see type of guy when it comes to the detail side of things.  Anyway I am pleased that we are at least making progress of some sort.

In the future I can see video media continuing to grow in popularity, people like to see moving images, which is then closer to the human experience of the world, static pages and images can never to that in the interactive way that humans are born and have evolved to need and want.

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