Jimdo is a fun and friendly blogging / website platform, it has a strong following as it’s name is catchy, its look and feel is great and people like to use it for their blogs.  I have used wordpress forever it seems and I have gotten to love and enjoy working with it.  But it is good to have something different as a foil to bounce ideas off.  What is good about jimbo is theire site has a strong Domain Authority level which means your content can perform from day one without you having to spend ages promoting it yourself.

Of course there is a downside to the same points, if Jimbo decides to delete your blog one afternoon you can’t do anything about that either.  So you have to balance all of these things when working with a new platform to you like this.

That said I am never put off by minor short term factors or inconveniences and like to plough my own furrow as they say.  So here is the first post I made on Jimbo which is on a parters sites.  A frustrating thing is that Google indexed the home page rather than the post page, not sure if that will change over time as the other posts on their are not mine.

Anyway I have since gone ahead and setup my very own Jimdo website called Spangle Dangle so I’ll develop that and see how it progresses over time.


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