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Following on from my testing with URL shorteners I am also trying out a few sites I used many years ago.  Not sure if they are of any value these days, but using similar logic it maybe that nofollow links from reputable sites still count in the Google Algorithm as part of the total number of referring URL’s.  Given that many of the best sites use nofollow it makes sense.  The question to get the an answer for is if Google now indexes these sorts of Informational Sites.

Here is my target list:-

Reporting Accounts

Reporting accounts is a company information websites with the Annual report and accounts data for around 4 millions UK companies, plus details of their directors.

London Equity Release

London Equity Release is a niche mortgage site offering advice on how to arrange an Equity Release from your property in the London UK and surrounding nearby areas.

Let’s Ski More

This is a fun site and is one of my personal blogs dedicated to Skiing and encouraging more people to take up this healthy and wonderful sporting hobby interest of  mine.

Next things is I’ll check the Google Webmaster tools in a few weeks and see if these links appear ))

Not sure if they will get picked up and cached by Google, so that is another question to get an answer for, thes pages are not very text rich and Alexa etc has 10’s of millions of pages like them.

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