Baynet and the Bay area of California

I used to work in California and posting on the baynet brings back memories of living in the bay area, California has a really nice climate and a laid back lifestyle to go with it.  The people are mostly friendly and the whole place is very clean and nicely organised.  I never had an crime experiences there other than my visit to Alcatraz prison as a tourist I hassen to add!

I worked for Pacific Telesis or Pactel as it was more commonly know which is the main Telephone company in California, they had a subsidiary in Manchester UK at the time and I worked there and got a transfer back to the USA for 6months.  It was a good time in my life and exciting to have a green card and to be able to spend some time there.

Carmel and its 5 mile drive was great and of course I took a trip with San Fransisco where I was based to Los Angeles to see Hollywood and go to Disney.  Disney is a great park and has tonnes of attractions well worth seeing.  Busch Gardens is also great.

Anyway I posted here on thebaynet hope you like my post.

It was surprisingly easy adapting to the US culture and I made friends quickly though not any lasting friendships.  Good place, good people and good times had.

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