Infowars – not as conflict laden as you may think!

Infowars is not the most obvious name for a site with news stories in it, but that is pretty much what lies inside the tin!  I tried a post on there last week and it does already seem to be performing well, you can find it here.  So I guess that makes me an infowarrior as they term their contributors, well I don’t feel much like a warrior!  Though I do sometimes think that my ancestors was a roman soldier as I don’t like the cold UK weather and long for the sun all of the time.

Well writing these posts does bring me a little bit closure to that retirement to the sun or at least to the next holiday which will be Mexico in two weeks time ))

Anyway back to this site, I am getting to like the infowars site, its has a cool blue colou and the quality of the writing there is pretty good. Overall neat for me.  Let’s see how my pages continues to shape up trafficwise over the coming weeks and months.

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