Life in Bermuda

Bermy or Bermuda to give it its proper name..oh how I miss your balmy days and pink sands!

My wallet is still recovering from my adventures there, but the memories are with me and will be for ever.

I contribute to another little blog site from time to time, it is about the Life in Bermuda and is called not surprisingly Bermudian Life !

Anyway I enjoy stopping by there now and then it certainly brings back many good thoughts and feelings.  Bermuda is near to paradise for me 19C in the Winter 29C in the summer, NO Taxes, NO Corporation Tax, No Income Tax, No VAT.  It is a paradise in more than one way.  The population is small as indeed is the whole island, which is the limitation.

There is only one town the capital called Hamilton, and a smaller settlement known as St Georges.  Luxury Crusie ships arrive every day in the tourist season and as a British colony the island remains ever popular with both the British and Americans alike.

Looking forward to my next trip home to Bermuda / Bermy, I’ll be there again soon.  Whilst a tax haven for me it is a tropical haven and more to the point its my haven!  There are some many great attractions, shopping in Hamilton, the Crystal caves, Horseshoe bay and many wonderful beaches.


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