Cancer Treatments

Cancer and cancer treatments are a disease and a prospect that affects almost all our lives in some way or another.

I lost my mum to Ovarian Cancer and Dad to Bowel so I have personal experience.  Treatments are advancing and the pace is encouraging.

Thinking back 40 years there was little hope for Bowel Cancer then but at least there are options for treatments that can now extend life by maybe 5 – 10 years which is really progress but nothing like a cure.  There have been very significant advances in our knowledge since the 1970’s now the potential is for cure and the prospect is for extended life spans.   Much is still needed for the progress is steady and prospects for many are now good.

Still maybe in another 40 years things will be transformed.  I hope, I believe they will be.

Our Cancer Countered site documents progress.

Back in the 1970’s often the only treatment was to cut out as much as possible, but as  we now know is not necessarily that helpful.  Nowadays there are real advances with immunotherapy which is getting the body to treat itself, new advances such as genetic re-engineering or nano probes may also offer solutions.  The potential for personalised care is also huge.

So many lives have been lost already we owe it to the world and our children to really crack this condition and problem as fast as we can, more research and funding is needed but the good thing is that this is now happening and some of the best universities in the world and best brains we have are on the case.

Visit our site to learn more about progress and the research underway.


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