SEO In 2018

I spent the Xmas period Skiing and like everyone dreaming up ideas and making resolutions for the New Year.  There was a lot of Snow so I skied a lot and did a lot of thinking and dreaming also )).   What I reflected on at the same time is how the World has changed since I started out in SEO back in 2006.   I can’t believe that 12 years of my time and life has past, but in that time I have seen many many changes with Google.

Back in the Early days all sorts of things worked, you could build links freely and either they didn’t work or they did.   Howver it never did any harm to your site and you only wasted your own time.  Now things could not be more different, if you content is not as snappy and your metrics not as good as your competitors you get pushed down.  If you built to many links and the proportion of those that are weak are too high you get pushed down.  If you copy anyones content, or shock horror someone copies yours then your site suffers and so it goes on and on, and of course Google Adwords goes from strength to strength as more and more companies give up on trying to do SEO or Search Marketing themselves and outsource.

Outsourced SEO

Also you have to be Oh so careful with outsourced SEO – in my experience either they still build it high and sell it cheap, which was the old approach that worked but does not, or they know what they are doing, or at least give that impression but then charge a huge price for building  a very modest amount of links which don’t push the needle far enough over the dial to get results.


Then of course there are penalties such as Panda or Penguin which slam sites that appear to be “gaming the System” but at least now there is the Google Disavow tool and Panda and Penguin run real time so once you are tripped up there is a way to correct your mistakes and move on.

Compelling Media

We don’t actually work for other people anymore!  I gave up customer work back in 2017 and now only work on my own sites, and for my own benefit, so No telephone no one to hassle or bug me, and a team focussed on what I know and enjoy best.  It’s taken 12 years to get my knowledge to where it is now so it makes no sense to do anything else ))

You can always use Social media such as Stumbleupon here are two examples  Stumbleupon #1 and Stumbleupon #2

Happy New Year to all our partners and friends!


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