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Started working with a new site on Friday )) It is always good to get stuck into a new site, particularly one with no history, no Panda, Penguin issues, no legacy issues – its great and refreshing!.  This one is all about companies and their Report and Accounts.

The site’s concept is to offer free financial information for UK companies supported by advertising.

I like the brand name its Reporting Accounts which is a play on the financial phrase meaning a companies report and accounts )) ie their Directors Report, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.

It’s been 8 years now since I worked on something completely fresh but enjoying it brings back many a memory!  The site also has a blog area which is developing many of their posts are a bit too short (call a kettle black or what) but I am re-working those as I go along also .  It will take  a lot to lift a site like that as it has nearly 4 million pages – imagine the long tails on those ))

The site is growing quickly and already has many 100’s of page views, as the rest of our database of  four million records are uploaded this should increase rapidly.  We have a very large amount of additional detailed company financials to add to the dataset, but a step at a time, we need to get the initial millions of records up and performing before we add as many as another eight million pages, and that is only the UK.  We also have access to the USA, Canada and Australis and are working on New Zealand data aswell.

It will be a mega huge database before you know it! ))

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