Have you ever looked at the value of your home?  Around 2/3 of all properties in the UK have no mortgage, but that is a heck of a lot of equity tied up.  Equity Release is someone to consider and is becoming increasingly popular particularly with the high cost of retirement care.

Of course its great to pass that wealth down to your children.  But an option is to enjoy that yourself!  There are so many ways you can spend the money whilst still leaving something for your children, it doesn’t have to be the whole value of the family home /property!

Equity Release

Equity Release Is the phrase used in the financial world to explain the process of getting the cash tied up in the value of your home turned into cash and release out to you in the form of a cheque or bank payment.

Using an equity release mortgage you can get your hand on that cash now, and not make any payments.  Your mortgage will be paid off when you sell or pass away.  We work with a partner website which can be found here: – www.londonequityrelease.net

London Equity Release area a company specialising in this area and as the name suggests they are focused onto London.  They also offer advice and support for residences in the surrounding areas, such as the home counties etc.  From time to time they will help clients in more remoter locations, but as the team all lives in the London area it makes sense.

Clients have used funds released for no end of interesting projects, some have helped their children onto the property ladder, others have purchased a holiday home in the sun, even setting up a business or building another house for use as a rental.

The website offers a lot of useful information, their main products are Equity Release and Lifetime mortgages.

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