I was a big skiier in my younger years, always off to a new resort.   Could never wait for the next ski trip. I did most of Europe in the 1990’s then turned my attention to North America.

Personally I loved Vail, Whistler,  Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe and many others but North America was by far the best.

Ski Trip

Make sure you go on your own ski trip soon!

Anyway finally found the time to write about it a bit myself!  I setup a ski blog which as the name “Lets Ski More” suggests the idea is to get people to ski!

Having tried snowboarding found that wasn’t for me but that is a great sport also!

What is good about skiing is that it forces you to spend time outdoors lots of fresh air and exercise to parts of your body that you don’t otherwise touch.  My legs are still a bit painful and sore a week after coming back from Bansko!  But I am happy about it!

This year we went for Xmas to Bulgaria what is good about the week around Xmas is that

  • Prices are lower than the week before or week after – somewhat surprisingly
  • It means your wife / Partner can have a break from cooking
  • Less stress than being at home with the relatives.
  • Good quality Family time together with the kids.
  • Kids love to learn to ski and progress so fast – no fears of falling, they are closer to the ground already
  • Seeing more of the World is always good to broaden your horizons.
  • Meet new people and make friends
  • See different shops!

If you are on a budget then have a look at this table for the cheapest family Ski Resorts.

Bulgaria comes in the best value, followed by Slovenia, surprisingly Finland gets a mention – I doubt that but I can believe Andorra.

I really recommend skiing its never to later to start or get back into!


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